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The "keylogger" programs are the best option to know what is happening on your computer. By using them you can capture all the text that users type on your keyboard and save it to prove the various activities carried out on the PC. And if we talk about these programs, we cannot leave KeyKey Monitor aside.

For your safety, KeyKey Monitor can work in silent mode. In this way, the people who use the PC at that time will not know that you are controlling them. In addition, this application can collect content generated from your favorite e-mail, documents editors or web browser and a wide variety of programs.

When you need to know what is happening on your computer at any given time, you should use KeyKey Monitor. This software allows you to generate reports of all activity in a given period of time so you know exactly and in great detail the use they give to your PC.

If you want to control what your children are doing with your computer or if you want to know what your employees do with the time you’re paying, you cannot miss the opportunity to download this application.

Trial Version Limitations:

- You will be able to use it only for 30 days.