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FirmTools AlbumCreator Pro 3.5

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Flash animated images are interesting to watch and provide better visual effects. Contrary to popular belief, the creation of Flash animated images does not require an extensive programming knowledge thanks to FirmTools AlbumCreator Pro.

With FirmTools AlbumCreator Pro, users of all levels have a simple tool for creating photo albums that are animated. The animation looks professional and entertaining. Users can select the theme of the album and start importing photos with just a drag and drop operation. Next, the creation of Flash animations can be started from scratch or with the help of one of the pre-installed templates.

Also, HTML based albums can be created the similarly to the Flash based albums. Tools for publishing or printing the albums are included in FirmTools AlbumCreator Pro. It is wonderful to see how many features this application has.

Trial Version Limitations:

- Nag screen.

- It adds a watermark in the resulting file.