Alien Sky 1.9.4 screenshot

Alien Sky 1.9.4

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Desktop games are always fun to play. People forget the without these types of games, there won’t be any of the new generation games we see today. Classic arcade style games can be enjoyed by the whole family especially the kids. They will not just learn how to solve puzzles and exercise their brain; they will also love the graphics that these games have. Alien Skyis an example of such game.

The Alien Sky is a special game that you will surely enjoy. You have to survive under the alien sky use strategies to avoid their weapons. You play as a space fighter you is the only hope of pushing back the alien’s invasion. There are many alien ships to battle and powerful weapons to choose from. The game has an amazing graphics and a better gameplay as well.

The Alien Skyis the game you should really get. Download it now and enjoy playing.