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Visual Prolog 7.3 Build 7303

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for teaching purpose to teach college students.this visual prolog is very important to develop expert systems. therefore I choose it to download it

For novice and professional programmers, Visual Prolog is a powerful tool with a very nice interface. Of course, an understanding of the Prolog programming language is necessary in order to be able to use this application efficiently.

Visual Prolog is a full application that includes the programming interface and the IDE to build the programs. This means that users should be able to develop, run, and debug their applications right in the interface. Visual Prolog even highlights common errors before you debug your code.

Recommendations are also provided on how to fix issues that are found. Visual Prolog is a good way to improve your knowledge of the Prolog programming language. It is very neat and provides lots of features that you will like. In short, Visual Prolog is worth the try.