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Driver Creative Labs CT4810

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get the best and also advanced sound technology which transforms sound into 3 d!!

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enhance your sound to 3d sound with driver creative and when you are playing a game for example need for speed most wanted or also need for spped hot pursuit 1 or 2 full version you will be able to hear the way a car is moving as though it is real and the car was just there with you.The thing that I liked about the developers of the driver creative labs is that they were able to develop this application in such a way that you can be able to control or rather choose the quality of sound that you want your machine to give even when playing a shooter or battle game you just hear the sound as it is.


It is very easy to install and also set up

It enhances the sound and it gives the sound in form of 3d sound


I love the sound wow!


  • the sound can be transormed into 3 version
  • it is free to download it


  • it can be somehow complicated to use



Sound Blaster Technology Can be Found in the Vibra 128 CT4810 Originally Designed for Games

By Daren Garius

On Friday, July 25, 2014

You can absorb yourself in your games with Creaitve Labs’ Vibra 128 CT4810 from its Sound Blaster series. It was originally designed for home users, gamers, and multimedia enthusiasts. When you are playing, you can even hear every gunfire and know when an enemy will surprise you from behind because you can easily hear them. I was able to fully experience real 3D sound using the Virba 128 two-speaker output. It uses the PCI bus compared to traditional sound cards which use more CPU overhead. This allows higher frame rates for your games, multi-channel support for new games, and additional bandwidth for 3D audio. All of these can be achieved if you installed the proper sound card driver for your Vibra 128 CT4810 sound card. It produces professional music playback with its Creative synthesis engine that has wave-table sound in 128-voices. It has sample banks that can be selected, so you can choose the level of quality which enables instruments to sound like the real-life counterpart.


  • Produces instrument sounds like real ones do
  • Uses PCI bus to use less CPU power


  • Not compatible with Windows 7 and higher




By Kevin Kimaita

On Friday, February 13, 2015


This is an application basically for making or rather developing your sound into 3d sound this means that you just hear the sound just as it is for example when you are playing a game you can just hear the way it is like when you are playing a game you just hear the effects as they are I really like this for example when you are playing a racing game you just hear the cars as though its real time racing. Also when you are playing the game you get to hear some background instrumental music that is playing. Sometimes even with driver you can even get scared for example if you are playing horror games because they are so real.


The following are the features of driver creative labs ct 4810

Has 3d sound

It has a multi-channel support.


Get the driver creative labs and be able to experience quality 3d sound.


  • It’s very easy to install.
  • it has a 3d sound and higher


  • it is not compatible with windows 7 and higher




For what are you going to use the program?
  • seting up an old pentium4 withwin 7 audio. i had to use a creative labs soundcard as the intel motherboard did not work with windows 7 thats it

  • for the sound card creative CT4810 into my old motherboard, in order to gain a very good sound experience, so thahts the reason I want this driver.

  • I need to fix the problem with the driver in my old windows XP, I've searched a lot an there is no more support for that kind old harware. thanks

  • fix broken mb sound. revive the old PCI card instead of trashing it. So what did you expect me to write about an old driver can't find andwhere and outdated?

  • to install sound card driver for my windows 7 operating system because i suddenly cannot hear anything on my personal computer, hope you could help me, :)

What similar programs have you used?
  • onboard sound. the rest here is to fill out the characters requested in order to get the download so i'm not sure how much it'll help anyone

  • Do i really have to tell every similar program that i have been using since 1985 just to be able to download a sond cards windows 7 drivers?

  • for the sound card creative CT4810 into my old motherboard, in order to gain a very good sound experience, so thahts the reason I want this driver

  • I recently fixed an old windows machine and would like to use this sound card if i can because it has an GamePort for an older generation joystck

What do you like most about this program?
  • I'll try to find out if this is good. Hope this will work on my computer so I could use the sound card. Merry Christmas, Happy Valentines,

  • Without services like this legacy hardware would be useless. So this is a real contribution to sustainability in computing. Congratulations on a valuable source of drivers.

  • B.i like the way the old creative labs CT-4810 sound card works on multi platforms and that this great site is allowing free downloads thanks

  • Sound Quality is too good.But its is not compatabile with the Windows 7 I just read it in the forum.I'm hertbroken after reading that.I don't knoiw what

  • first time trying i do not know yet. i will try and tell you after what the progress is. good or bad. if it works i sincerely thank you very much

Driver Creative Labs CT4810