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For what are you going to use the program?
  • pc to be installed,, my computer is slow on playing moves and stuff ,, hope this will help in speed the process and play movies as well. thank

  • to watch high definition movies cause my computer is not potent and it pauses without reason, you know i don't have money to pay for a better one.

  • i cant play some of the video files i took using my phone on my sons graduation at the creche last year am hoping coreavc will help me in playing those files

  • I am trying to open hd videos but my pc has no enough power and although it opens them it doesn't work smoothly, a very poor visual quiality

  • home i will use it for playing ball and downloading illegally from castro's cuban regime just to provide enough support for worldwide revoolytion

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have never used programs like these before this is my first time,I want to check if this program really work or not if it does then I'll purchase it

What do you like most about this program?
  • its high definition ability to enable you to play hd videos much better, on slower and older computers. also the fact its gotten alot of good reviews on blogs

  • dont know may be good or bad so dont bother me im just trying ot after that i will tell you my openinon so nothing to say now see ya bye bye

CoreAVC is an application that installs a high-definition video codec on your computer.

With CoreAVC it’ll be easy for you to:

- Play high-quality Blu-ray and HD-DVD videos;

- Work with video editing tools;

- Transfer your favourite films to DVD.

Some of CoreAVC’s outstanding features include:

- Use of H.264 codec based on MPEG4 part 10;

- Total support for Directshow and all of its versions;

- Use of RGB656 and RGB555 colour spaces.

With CoreAVC you can edit DVD from high-definition video files using tools without losing any quality.

Don’t stop enjoying your favourite high-definition films just because you don’t have a tool that gives your computer the necessary technology.