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AccessFIX is a Microsoft Access database repair tool that restores corrupt files if they fail to open. If a database displays an error when attempting to open the file, there's a good chance it may be corrupt. AccessFIX will extract the data from the vulnerable file and build a new trouble-free file. It can also remove user permissions from protected databases as well as undelete database tables and records. Once installed, your database files can easily be repaired with just a few short clicks.

AccessFIX is compatible with Microsoft 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000, 97, and 95. Run the AccessFIX repair tool on your own computer safely and privately, and 15 minutes later your files will be restored. AccessFIX is a one-step solution. It recovers queries, tables, OLE and high precision numbers and all field types (even Memo).

The Safe Solution

There are several reasons why AccessFIX is the safest solution to restore your important data:

- Free Evaluation

Evaluate AccessFIX and try it out before you make the decision to buy it. The viewer allows you to examine the detailed results of the restored database before you actually make the purchase. AccessFIX is the only program that contains every object in the preview mode including reports, forms, queries, etc.

- No Modification of the Original File

AccessFIX does not change or modify the original file in any way, which assures the file will not suffer any further damage.

- Confidentiality

Your files never leave your computer when using AccessFIX. The complete restoration process is safely performed on your own PC, privately and confidentially.

- Trained Support

If at any time you need support or assistance, an AccessFIX associate is ready to help you. Their customer assistance and technical support is rated highly in terms of customer satisfaction.

- Software Integrity

The method by which an Access database is repaired requires restoring it bit-by-bit in its entirety. This process calls for elaborate operations that involve reverse engineering. If not done properly the subsequent file will lose several of its original objects and information. However, by using AccessFIX, the entire file's sensitive details and important objects will be 100% safely recovered.

- A Proven Solution

Our OfficeFIX suite has been improving for the last eight years. Our user's feedback along with our expert experience has permitted us to keep enhancing AccessFIX capabilities to restore any kind of file damage that could possibly occur within an Access database.

- Worry-Free Virus and Spyware

All of our products are 100% digitally signed to certify their source. AccessFIX is unique in that includes a digital signature to validate its authentic source. You may verify the signature by simply right-clicking on the file and clicking the Properties option.

Why AccessFIX is the Best Repair Tool Available

AccessFIX is the only solution that safely and effectively restores all the vital details and objects in an Access file. Continuously updating our product over the last four years has produced speed, reliability, and the best in quality. Here are a few reasons why AccessFIX is a product you can trust.

- Perfect Table Structure

AccessFIX is the only software application that restructures all details of the table including all types of fields, properties (input masks, default values, comments, etc.), the referential integrity, relations, and all table details and indexes.

- All Field Types

AccessFIX is a unique program that restores every kind of field absolutely. For instance, it is the only program that can precisely restore high precision numbers - (Decimal).

- Linked Table Recovery

AccessFIX is the only software tool that restores linked tables in Access accurately.

- Precise Table Contents

AccessFIX will dependably restore table records. Images and memos are consistently repaired and field contents do not get mixed up like other lesser quality software repair applications.

- Referential Integrity

AccessFIX is the only proven software program that restores the database's referential integrity. Don't risk losing your critical elements by choosing a subpar program to perform the restoration. Trust AccessFIX to properly recover your most important data.

- Non-western Texts

AccessFIX properly restores non-western characters. It is the only software to perfectly restore Unicode in every location as well as every case within the file.

- Fast Recovery

AccessFIX will complete the database recovery in mere seconds, even with extensive database files.

- Access the Undelete Function

AccessFIX provides one of the few solutions to successfully undelete Microsoft Access records, as well as undelete tables. Only AccessFIX keeps the undeleted data safely stored in a separate table.