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Alcohol 52% Free emulator for playing disc drives virtually

By Gfx Syne

On Thursday, April 9, 2015

Alcohol 52% is the little brother of Alcohol 120%, which is a disk burning software by Alcohol Soft. Alcohol 52% does every task like its older brother minus the ability to burn images onto disk drives. Alcohol 52% is completely free although it comes with an optional adware. It allows creation of up to 6 virtual drives and is ideal for playing disk drives virtually with 200x the normal speed of a physical disk drive. It supports a wide range of CD formats so users can easily read different disk types with the software. For those who are fond of PC games, Alcohol 52% also supports mounting of image files.

With Alcohol 52% there is no need to worry about scratching a physical disk or damaging it because the emulator lets users create backups of their game CDs and other DVDs virtually so they don't have to use the physical disk anymore.


  • Effective virtual disk management with just a few clicks
  • Users can create and mount image files with ease


  • Limit on the number of virtual drives that can be created
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to use it for opening alldata files to enable me carry out repairs on vehicles by giving me the necessary information required always

  • to view some files so that i get to install them and use the program for my benefit. I really need to open this software like too much right

  • to open iso of my older games and play them what other reason could there be? why do you have to make this so long, it's too much, wow, seriously..

  • burn cd and dvd and fles about my soft wear caterpiller heavy equipment service in formation system (sis) it amaintance program and for spare

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have never used any other aplication like this. This is ridiculous. Please let me download the program quickly. This gives no meaning at all

Alcohol 52% is an excellent application for creating CD and DVD images and creating virtual drives.

You can use Alcohol 52% to make backup copies of any type of CD and DVD. Then you can load these backups on virtual drives that you created before with Alcohol 52% and use them absolutely normally.

Alcohol 52% lets you run images on virtual drives at 200 times the normal speed, much faster than conventional CD drives.

Alcohol 52% works perfectly with Windows file browsers and the virtual drives it creates are easily accessible from My PC, simulating real drives.

Alcohol 52% carries out complex operations but using it is easy. It has a very intuitive graphic interface: to load an image on a virtual drive you just click on the corresponding virtual drive and indicate the route for the image. The program takes care of the rest.

Supported formats: CD-DA, CD+G, CD-ROM, CD-XA, Video CD, Photo CD, Mixed Mode, Multi-session CD, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.