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For what are you going to use the program?
  • running programs from a portable USB Flashdrive and using a foreign computer to do that in order to make use we have a safe environment to work

What do you like most about this program?
  • installing xp onto usb flash which is not at all available any where. I tried many time at many places. I am very much thankful to mojopac makers

Are you always bothered by the fact that you cannot tag along all your humungous and innumerable files wherever you go? Worry no more for MojoPac is here to answer to all that doubt. MojoPac is one of the greatest innovation made that is designed to help every user bring along the entire computer on any type of storage device such as an IPod or even a USB Drive.

MojoPac makes your life easy and comfortable without removing your productivity and functionality. MojoPac allows you to bring your familiar computer files and storage by just plugging it in to any computer. MojoPac lets the user have various programs, applications, tools and even games all at the same time and use it into a and outstanding performance. MojoPac is like no other since it has the best and a high end capacity in terms of storing and making back up for files.

MojoPac is one of the must have since it makes you on the go. Perform varied functions with ease and portability.