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AMV Studio 3.0

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I'm going to use it to make animated music videos to play on youtube. Following the fair-use copyright laws for educational, critic, and personal purposes.

  • to make my own amv videoes so i can express my emotions on youtube. i promise it is not anything evil that i plan to use the software to do please trust me

  • Making animated music videos has always been a passion I wanted to follow and this would be a stepping stone to get me to push forward with that.

  • Do amv videos because I want to make a dope one so I can share them on social medias like Youtube and Twitter so let me download this app pls

  • making short video edits for friends and posting them on my instagrsm for people to view and enjoy as i make more each day and probably cry.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i didn't used any similar programs yet but i think using this program will be a perfect start in the world of anime-music-videos i hope i can be a good maker :)

  • none, but i hope it works well, and is not a virus, I also want to be able to finally download it without continuing to ramble on for this question

  • I've pretty much only used Movie Maker and so I want to try this for variety (I think we can all agree that the character limit is a bit stupid in this case).

  • I have used Window Movie maker,kinemaster, inshot, instagram, youtube and many more. I hope this will fill up the characters. seriously, pls

  • I haven't used anything else really because I'm new to this whole amv thing i just want it for voltron leave me alone please 16 characters n

What do you like most about this program?
  • This program is free and seeing as I haven't actually used it yet, that's all I can say. I'd like to just download it already, just filling out the character requirement.

  • its very easy to use and its always available with with exceptionable speed, i have no complaints or anything i would change about it at all

  • Everything that you have in this site also know as your AMV studio so yes thoses are the main and basic reasons that I am in love with this program

  • the software has a clean and easy to use display with simple commands and easily understood controls which make this an incredible software.

  • I can create anime with it,I really always wanted to make an AMV for me and my friends and my youtube channel, Blackjack22 ,So this is a dream come true

AMV Studio is a program to create AMV (Anime Music Video) videos that is compatible with most portable players on the market today.

Millions of people around the world create AMV videos and share them using popular mass storage sites like YouTube, iFilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Break, but there are also lots of people who would like to participate but don’t have the right tools.

AMV Studio is a complete suite for creating AMV contents, although it can obviously be used to edit videos for any purpose. AMV Studio is easy to use and simple and only includes the functions you need to make conventional adjustments without overwhelming you.

AMV Studio also works as a video player and given its simplicity and small size, it comes highly recommended.