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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Making AMVs for social media and stuff. Yknow, all that jazz. Yeah. I've tried more programs but this one sounds good, so I'm tryin it! Yeah.

  • To create a you tube intro with all of my favorite anime characters and possibly use it for some video sub-intros for specific topics and jokes.

  • anime music videos right now i cant make very good ones because of the cheap softwear i have so please just let me use this one to make good amvs

  • I am going to use this to create musical tribute videos for different emotional anime. I do not have a lot of money so I am looking for software that is efficient but cheap at the same time

  • i love amv and your program so plase let me download itfor the sake of fairy tail my favorite anime in the world i am abig fan of yours so please

What similar programs have you used?
  • none i have never used anything like this before this is my first amv making studio thingy so just let me download it please instead of typing

  • ages ago i used an app called triller but it didnt work very well so i set off to find a diffrent one and im sure this one will be the right one

  • I have used Windows Media Maker in the past, and not much else. I'm very excited to try something new that comes completely free! Thanks a lot!

  • Windows Movie Maker. I never liked that the effects were very slow and didn't really make it a nice program. Hopefully this won't be complete BS.

  • ohh my god why is it asking for so many characters. literally like the only thing ive used similar is windows movie maker. thats it. rip me.

What do you like most about this program?
  • everything but i would like it if the soft were was free and easy to set up cuz I'm just trying to make a anime opening over here thank you x

  • to be able to create a cool edit on something i love so i am thankful for that i will probably fail at this but i will try and yeah thank you

  • Ive never made a amv so im excited to see how well this works and hopefully gain more subscribers and be able to do more than just anime chats

  • its very easy to use and its always available with with exceptionable speed, i have no complaints or anything i would change about it at all

  • It's just what I needed, now I can make anime music videos for my friend. It's really easy and it is a lot bettter than windows movie maker.

AMV Studio is a program to create AMV (Anime Music Video) videos that is compatible with most portable players on the market today.

Millions of people around the world create AMV videos and share them using popular mass storage sites like YouTube, iFilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Break, but there are also lots of people who would like to participate but don’t have the right tools.

AMV Studio is a complete suite for creating AMV contents, although it can obviously be used to edit videos for any purpose. AMV Studio is easy to use and simple and only includes the functions you need to make conventional adjustments without overwhelming you.

AMV Studio also works as a video player and given its simplicity and small size, it comes highly recommended.