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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Im going to use it for personal amv making and work that will be affiliated with youtube and such, so thanks whoever made the program, your awesome.

  • to make anime music videos short amv. i really dont get why you are even asking me this. its kind of invading my privacy, and i am certain amv is not illegal.

  • To actually get pictures playing with my video that I'm editing with Movie Maker. No other program seems to be working and this is my only hope

  • i wannna learn how to create anime music videos and i hope this app can teach me. Moreover i'm interested in this app cause of the good rates

  • making amvs. Using clips from anime shows and adding them together and putting in music to create an awesome collection of edits. It just sounds fun to me.

What similar programs have you used?
  • None, I am really excited to use a program on the computer to make AMVS! I hope it works well and that I can grow as an amv maker! Thank you

  • movie maker and video t editor that is all what i used there's nothing else i like to make amvs anime in particular so please allow me to do

  • None ive used no similar programs i the past but i have heardof some great programs as well and i am not sure about this one ,heard of adobe

  • I have used Cute Cut Pro on the iPhone, and attempted to use iMovie, but now I want better editing programs to use for my video edits that I make.

  • I have not really used many programs like this but i did use a rpgvmaker and it was really cool because it helped open my eyes to the animation world

What do you like most about this program?
  • Creating AMVs to share to people, and just for a good muck around, I would like to get better at using differnt things on the computer and I think this will be great

  • honestly i dont know what i like about this program because its my first time getting it but when i do get it i hope i can make something gr

  • What i like most about this program is that it allows me to be able to create anime music videos to upload to my youtube channel for everyone

  • Dont really know yet. And I havent used it so i cant give a review. Im even only talking now cuz I have to. Jerry Heartless OVO Thug Life!!!

  • Being able to do amazing AMV'S with the help of easy interface and tools, this one is better than windows movie maker, so I'm anxious to use it.

AMV Studio is a program to create AMV (Anime Music Video) videos that is compatible with most portable players on the market today.

Millions of people around the world create AMV videos and share them using popular mass storage sites like YouTube, iFilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Break, but there are also lots of people who would like to participate but don’t have the right tools.

AMV Studio is a complete suite for creating AMV contents, although it can obviously be used to edit videos for any purpose. AMV Studio is easy to use and simple and only includes the functions you need to make conventional adjustments without overwhelming you.

AMV Studio also works as a video player and given its simplicity and small size, it comes highly recommended.