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Dupe Eliminator for iTunes 10.4.1

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Sometimes when you have a big music collection on your iTunes, it is hard to keep track on every song you have. Sometimes songs are duplicated without you noticing it or some songs have dead links. The work of Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is to prevent this from happening – duplication and dead links that is.

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is an easy to use software that deletes duplicated files and songs with dead links. It has an AutoClean mode that automatically finds duplicates and removes them using your currently selected criteria. AutoClean command-line arguments can also be used to start the program in the AutoClean mode. It has a system tray access. It is directly interfaced with iTunes application. It can even save, print and copy reports on the iTunes library through an Excel format. You can also email a report in HTML format to anyone..

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes is a must for anyone who has iTunes in their computer. Download now and enjoy its very useful features.