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Elecard XMuxer Pro 2.0

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Elecard XMuxer Pro is a very reliable software for the editing of video and audio files alike. The software is equipped with a collection of tools both professional and amateur video and audio editors usually need.

Among the functions offered by Elecard XMuxer Pro is a multimedia player. The player can be used as a preview tool before starting the editing tasks. Some of the tasks that you have access to are a streaming position selection and a trimming tool. In addition, Elecard XMuxer Pro is the right tool for the merging of audio or video files. However, the merger is only possible for files of the same format.

Elecard XMuxer Pro is setup with several cutting edge technologies that allow for a limited amount of resource used. Regarding the format of audio and video files accepted there is no restrictions. Last but not least, Elecard XMuxer Pro is optimized for developers who wish to extend the functionality of their audio/video editing applications.