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AOL for Windows 10.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i use AOL for my personal emails and to read about the news every morning and to be able to keep in touch with family from far away and instant messenger

  • To receive and send email and download necessary features recommend by this website if this enough words or do I need to keep typing till done

  • I have a ho9me based business and for personal use as well.Only tewo member sof my family will be using the software. We have been with AOL since 1995

  • for personel research andvease of communications with freinds and family.Keeps me up to date with breaking news stories. Nice and easy to use my banking facilities

  • just for my personal use. i like aol and have used it for years. prefer this to any other program out there. aol is one of the best prgrams

What similar programs have you used?
  • 9.7 has bugs need better program cut emails off when i go to correct spelling it automatically shut aol down. if this does not work will switch

  • AOL 9.0 software update which did not perform correctly for my computer and needed to be replaced so I can use AOL properly again thanks so much

  • A.none lately but I did try some at an earlier point in time but had issues so I hope this download works better and that it is not a total waste of time

  • i have used aol all versions since 1996 and up until now have had no problems with any aol products , very frustrated at this point continous errors now

  • american on line for the last fifteen years.seem to have problems to down load on window 10.1. Hope it will work this time.looking forward to get going on aol.

What do you like most about this program?
  • i miss having aol everything was set up for easy finding ,love the fact the all my favorite were at my finger tip i just had to re download .

  • Best browser when used fast response I like all the features provided by AOL have been using for last 14 years .Thank you AOL.Keep up the good work

  • freedom to download it without dangerous programs being added in while i am being asked stupid question about a program i am yet to diownload

  • aol often crashes in the middle of writing an email and is entirely unreliable. I have used this software for years and would change if it were not for the hassle

  • I've always loved the AOL Neighborhood and what it offers those of us who don't want to google everything. I like the chat rooms and news feeds.

AOL has been a leading provider of internet services back since the olden ages of dial-up. Now you can have AOL for Windows, which is a tad more modern version of that archaic software.

AOL for Windows lets you utilize AOL’s internet service provider connection to the internet, as long as you are a member. When you sign-on using their service, you will have access to various different channels that have personalized content and features based on your interests in different news and entertainment topics.

AOL for Windows even comes with its own browser for optimum viewing pleasure. The program also gives you access to download all of AOL’s token software, like AOL Mail with 10 MB of personal storage, AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), and the ability to set up your own user profile.