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AOL for Windows 10.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • chat' news mail to try a new version ggg social sites music movies the latst politics datingtech hhome repair stocks tech talk games of aol

  • personal, search for merchandise, e reader information, plus all kindsf other stuff, like how to download aol without going thru the hassle o

  • I use aol for home use, email, facebook, banking, just general browsing, have had an account for approximately ten years or more. let's do it

  • I have used aol for years as my main browser and email box. What else do you want me to write. I get onwell with aol so would like to continuing its use

  • It will allow me to better access the AOL software and utilize the needed functions for the programs to run various online games that I help host.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I've used most of the programs out there at one time or another, like aol, internet explore, mozilla, firefox, chroma and ubuntu also, I hope this version is goode

  • I have used manu similar programs like internet explorer and ubuntu lynux, aol, mozilla firefox and many other browserthat seem to work as wells

  • 9.7 has bugs need better program cut emails off when i go to correct spelling it automatically shut aol down. if this does not work will switch

  • internet explorer do not know what else to tell you can we download this already taking too long i will use google chrome in the mean time go go

  • AOLis my primary internet provider. I have subscribed to it for many years, purchased a new computer and need to download AOL as soon as I can.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Have always had AOL! I use AOL as my main internet capabilities. I never want to change--so please continue! Let me count to at least 32 characters!

  • Do no understand why a minimal length of response is required, I am totally familiar with this program: used since 1994. I t has all my sent and received mail saved in one place

  • the program is easy to use, expecially for people not woking with computers all the time,plus it is free that is always a good thing im sure no one complains about that

  • Faster speed for daily use, no freezing up works great far less problems keeping aol connected, it seems silly I have to use all the chacture

  • 9.0 don't work well with other stuff seems to corrupt other programs that are runn with several windows open, so I want better preformance form my old pc

AOL has been a leading provider of internet services back since the olden ages of dial-up. Now you can have AOL for Windows, which is a tad more modern version of that archaic software.

AOL for Windows lets you utilize AOL’s internet service provider connection to the internet, as long as you are a member. When you sign-on using their service, you will have access to various different channels that have personalized content and features based on your interests in different news and entertainment topics.

AOL for Windows even comes with its own browser for optimum viewing pleasure. The program also gives you access to download all of AOL’s token software, like AOL Mail with 10 MB of personal storage, AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), and the ability to set up your own user profile.