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AOL for Windows 10.1

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AOL has been a leading provider of internet services back since the olden ages of dial-up. Now you can have AOL for Windows, which is a tad more modern version of that archaic software.

AOL for Windows lets you utilize AOL’s internet service provider connection to the internet, as long as you are a member. When you sign-on using their service, you will have access to various different channels that have personalized content and features based on your interests in different news and entertainment topics.

AOL for Windows even comes with its own browser for optimum viewing pleasure. The program also gives you access to download all of AOL’s token software, like AOL Mail with 10 MB of personal storage, AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), and the ability to set up your own user profile.


For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am a chaplain who fights gangs and human trafficking. Affiliated with 10,000 Kids,Chaplaincy Nevada and works with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force as a vounteer

  • Personal Use and game playing. Also, to work on my family tree; store pictures and music; do research on a variety of topics, such as pets.

  • searching the web. Reserch for school. I have an AOL account and like getting my mail there. Researching is so much eaiser, it suggest ther sites

  • homepage and searching information ,also pay my bills through really prefer america online for all my researching have been wiyh since nineteen ninety seven


What similar programs have you used?
  • i like it cause its faster yahoo is slow u can meet new friends u dont have to wait long to download something ive used bing and netzero just want to upgrade

  • AOL is the only program I have ever used. There has been none other then AOL.I would like to downlaod this now not next year. So I'm ready to

  • stock market sports news downloads weather glpbal news fashions shoes shirts pants funitute stoves , dish washers lighting storm alerys coats

  • I have used manu similar programs like internet explorer and ubuntu lynux, aol, mozilla firefox and many other browserthat seem to work as wells

  • I have used many programs in the past like mozilla, chrome aol, firefox ubuntu, lynux and internet explorer to name a fesome of the browses toow

What do you like most about this program?
  • as a user of AOL for many years, I have been amazed at AOL's availability and up to the minute news also the mail section has been very helpful

  • I have aways used it and love the mali server , had problems in the past but always fixed it thanks for being there when I needed it most wow

  • It works well for me. I have been an AOL member for over 2 decades. I want to download the desktop so I can check my mails on this new computer.

  • I've used aol since you began. I'm familiar with it. It's very user friendly and has a lot of interesting information. I recommend it to all.

  • Do no understand why a minimal length of response is required, I am totally familiar with this program: used since 1994. I t has all my sent and received mail saved in one place


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