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AOL for Windows 10.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • home use I have benn using AOL since 1990s and hope this version will work wit windows 10. The old program had alot of display problems and my favorites bar has stopped working properly

  • A.for personal use. i want the latest version. I allways liked new versions. I have been using aol since it first came out like 30 years ago. I love it.

  • download the latest version of aol for use at home with email and chatting witrh friends. a great way ro keep in touch with everyone you know.

  • B.home use: email, web browsing, news, weather, sports, special features, texting, word processing, reading magazines, looking for health information

  • normal internet usages along with email features. I hope this version doesn't lock up the system for minutes before still being able to operate. Quite frustrating.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used AOL GOLD & it is a fiasco does not work properly I liked AOL 9.8.2c much better - will download start now, or later? Why write?

  • aol always have used that ever since i started using a computer over 25 years ago. I has been the greatest online access and email options to use.

  • Have used 9.7 for years along with Google Chrome. However, AOL has best email program and we have stuck with that. Looking forward to reviewing 10.1

  • I've used most of the programs out there at one time or another, like aol, internet explore, mozilla, firefox, chroma and ubuntu also, I hope this version is goode

  • I have used manu similar programs like internet explorer and ubuntu lynux, aol, mozilla firefox and many other browserthat seem to work as wells

What do you like most about this program?
  • ease of use very good wanted to only get my system up and running again after the frusration of not having access to my emails i only hope that this works ok

  • Do no understand why a minimal length of response is required, I am totally familiar with this program: used since 1994. I t has all my sent and received mail saved in one place

  • unable to open aol without microsft windowns, windows 10.1 is super fast, easy to operate and eay to view, immmediate access t many programs

  • It is a great software and I use it often would like to get the most recent version thank you what is better than aol now shall we begin the program

  • A.i'm replacing an old version of aol, for email,news,search and internet activities such as games,pictures,documents,wheather,maps,travel information,shopping

AOL has been a leading provider of internet services back since the olden ages of dial-up. Now you can have AOL for Windows, which is a tad more modern version of that archaic software.

AOL for Windows lets you utilize AOL’s internet service provider connection to the internet, as long as you are a member. When you sign-on using their service, you will have access to various different channels that have personalized content and features based on your interests in different news and entertainment topics.

AOL for Windows even comes with its own browser for optimum viewing pleasure. The program also gives you access to download all of AOL’s token software, like AOL Mail with 10 MB of personal storage, AOL Instant Messaging (AIM), and the ability to set up your own user profile.