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ExcelFile Viewer 1.81

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ExcelFile Viewer is a simple utility that allows for visualising XLS documents generated with Microsoft Excel, without the need for that application to be installed.

Even though Excel is not a database manager programme but a calculation spreadsheet, many users use Excel for content organising, because it is easier to use than other programmes, and also because it is installed by default with the Microsoft Office software. Even if this is not a problem by itself, it makes difficult to transport the data, because Excel is needed to be able to visualise those files.

ExcelFile Viewer offers the possibility of visualising spreadsheets in a quick and easy way, allowing for data migration among different equipment and/or devices without the need for installing Microsoft Excel (which is considerably heavier than this simple viewer).

Main Features:

- Ease of use

- Simple and intuitive interface

- Support for Lotus 1, 2, 3 documents

- Support for Quattro Pro documents

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- The trial period expires after 30 days.

- Registration screen

- Allows for visualising a maximum of 20 rows