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ExpertGPS 5.60

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ExpertGPS is a fabulous application, especially for your GPS, that will allow you to draw routes and even highlight reference points on your virtual map.

GPS is a global localization system capable of giving you exact locations and complete information of where you are or wish to be.

If you own a GPS device then this program will be very helpful because it will allow you to mark places of interest, as well as create possible routes for trips or tourist endeavors.

Through satellite photographs and extremely detailed maps, you’ll be able to trace special routes, highlight places of interest or important reference points, visualize different routes, and so on.

If you want to travel by car or you need to carry out a study of a specific location,

ExpertGPS will be your best assistant.


For what are you going to use the program?
  • for data transfer, track routes and establishment maps, forested location,Creation of agricultural series, extension zones, planting location

  • training perposes for school demonstrate how a drawing con fix on the google an d change its attributes and application traits.wi

  • route mapping for camping groups and teams in the parks and reservers during holidays travel periods and for school children on educational tours


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