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Emesene Messenger Portable 2.12.9

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Emesene Messenger Portable is the portable version of the excellent multiplatform IM client Emesene Messenger to connect to the Windows Live Messenger network. You can use and distribute Emesene Messenger Portable free since it was created under the GNU GPL licence, version 2.

The Microsoft IM client is characterised by including a lot of unnecessary advertising that makes it difficult to carry out different tasks.

Emesene Messenger Portable lets you customise your emoticons and includes other conventional functions like send, receive and copy.

Given the incredible success of web browsers in using tabs, Emesene Messenger Portable has introduced this idea in the IM client with excellent results. The tabs in the chat room simplify the use of the workspace even more, improving productivity.

As an open code application, Emesene Messenger Portable lets you customise the graphic setting in every aspect, which is a really striking alternative for fans of customisation.

Emesene Messenger Portable comes with support for default plugins which let you gradually improve the program, new features, etc. It also completely supports the Messenger Plus! Format and includes all the other basic features available with Windows Live Messenger.