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WinMX Turbo Accelerator 2.9.0

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WinMX Turbo Accelerator is a plug-in that allows for speeding up download speeds of the popular P2P (peer-to-peer) file exchange client WinMX.

WinMX is a P2P file exchange client that works with its own protocol, offers good download speeds, however these speeds are always conditioned to the number of sources.

WinMX Turbo Accelerator allows for finding a bigger quantity of sources for file download, a common practice among accelerator programs that generally gives good results.

WinMX Turbo Accelerator has a simple and intuitive interface, the program does not have that many options and is easy to use. It is not necessary to modify ports or establish advanced configurations, the application performs all its tasks automatically.

WinMX Turbo Accelerator is an indispensable solution for all WinMX users - it does not need configuration and is very lightweight.