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  • i have no similar programs in useing.why there is a wrong message display in the screen? Pleas help me check the reason for this issue.Thanks

When the performance of your hard drive is high, it is sometimes an indication that your computer is healthy. However, catching and fixing hard drive errors before they occur is difficult unless you have the right application for the job. With HD Tach, this task will be simplified.

The way HD Tach works is that it performs a series of performance test on your hard drive. The results of the tests are displayed in the application’s interface in the form of graphs. The statistics are detailed enough for users of all levels to understand. The statistical data that HD Tach offers can be compared with other similar devices. This comparison is a good way to check your local hard drive for errors.

In short, HD Tach allows you to stay informed about your hard drive. This is an important component of your system that in a sense HD Tach will help you fix.