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EasyBCD 2.0.2

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • partition disk need create. it is for home use only. thanks for this kind of program. i heard only first time today when i insatlled xp to my

  • private use and learning pruposes for my classeses and it skills improvement.It will help me alot.Also for rescuing my computer if anything goes

  • to fix the bcb for a pc home before i tryed others programs but not working already, so now i want to try this program and i hope it work yes

  • to fix my own personal computer, i haven´t enougth money to buy this excellent program, and in this moment i have a great problem with adware

  • For using Linux Mint Open Source Software and practice many things about this operanting system. I'd got Linux MInt but installing Windows it

What similar programs have you used?
  • Nothing till now i have used for this purpose. First time i m in need i am trying to do it, please allow m to download its irritating too much

  • unetbootin. It was a really great programm for me and served all my needs except one. I needed to install easybcd to hit a home run in the dual install

What do you like most about this program?
  • we can use both of windows installed on our system with the help of easybcd 2.0.2. Its a reliable software nothing else. This program is simple

  • I like easy siftware for edit the start from opertive system. I have readed many things about it and I want discover if that thing are truly

  • I just installed two operating systems on same hard drive and its my first time and i heard this lets you do a dual boot with no problem at all

  • great and aiding in matters of my computer boot and formatting my pc,i love this apk its tramtisinglt good for computerisers and compuer learners

  • everything is perfect with this progrma because I can have two diferent systems installed in my computer and I can use both of them. Its the best

EasyBCD is a useful software when you want to make minor changes to your Operating System, especially when it comes to Windows Bootloader and entries within it. It makes it broader and increases the number of possibilities for you to take the advantage of.

EasyBCD enables you to create boots on a USB, change a hard drive where you want your boot, do the boot from a network, and so on. Dozens upon dozens of bugs have been fixed in the newest release. Crashes do not happen anymore.

EasyBCD is a free software for private use and the best IT people would use it for its purposes, even the ones at Microsoft, Google and PC World! So, we are talking about highly skilled professionals who know their trade.

Customer support is provided through an online message board on the official website.