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FairUse4WM 1.3

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • B.video backup for personal use on flat screen tv for private viewing, also in case original copy goes bad and can not be replayed in the futu

  • it gives acces to files owned but unusable=I thinkit is atravesty ogf liberty when you buy sonmetho=ing but cant useit to play your own music

  • Remove DRM to play music on my laptop after copying from legal CD plus tranfer it to my smart phone for easy playing. Hope this program works as it says

  • to remove the digital rights management lock from my mp3 files as they wont play anymore. i have swapped my computer since i bought them and

  • Backup purchased DRM locked video. Its seems unreasonable that I have to playback the video in a special player that works only on certain operating systems.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Aimersoft Media Player for Windows Ten and Muvaudio and that's all I have used up until now. But they don't work any longer so I will try this

  • none, this is my first experience attempting a drm-removal software. I hope it goes well though, I'll rate when complete. I have a lot of converting to do so yeah

  • none i have never used this sort of program before and i find it a real apin, that i cannot use ny music asi see fit, after all i paid for it

  • none this is the first time i have used this type of software, i hope it works and will be very grateful to be able to rescure my music from a now old laptop

  • Flip4Mac is what i USED But didnt work. so please let me download this so it works well this time of the year. Otherwise i cant listen to music

What do you like most about this program?
  • Yes This software is amazingly excellent. We don't waste more time and suffer the danger of being invaded by the virus. Thanks to the developers!

  • i am enjoy that because it is a useful program at all. i want to expert on converting and base on the extract young and beer treat and table

  • removal of drm infection for use on personal files that i wish to switch between formats for use on various machines, software, and especially in my car

  • drm removal in windows media player. i wanted to remove drm from my wmv video that was created by myself. help was needed and solved by this

  • Free programs are all ways the best programs. thank you for providing a program that removes drm from songs and makes them usable on anything

FairUse4WM is a utility for eliminating the WM and DRM protection located in Windows media files in versions 10 and 11.

FairUse4WM has a simple graphic interface where you only have to choose the files that you want to free up and apply the corresponding action, giving you a list of videos to enjoy without having to enter the password over and over.

FairUse4WM lets you free up multiple files simultaneously with results that guarantee that the video doesn’t suffer any loss of quality in the image or the sound.

FairUse4WM is a useful application to consider and keep in a corner of your computer so that no video is beyond the scope of your video library or just to watch your favourite Windows media videos without any restrictions.