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BalloonRain 1.0a

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Do you like to play puzzle games? They are known for being highly addictive. And, many times, you find yourself spending hours playing, when you only meant to play for a few minutes. BalloonRain is one of those addictive puzzle games that will give you hours of enjoyment.

The object of BallooonRain is to combine sets of balloons in order to remove them from the play area. You can combine sets of balloons by moving and rotating the robot. You can enhance your gaming experience by gathering bonus spheres, unique mechanisms and other available possibilities.

BallooonRain consists of 4 different games modes that offer you unique game play. It also provides you with the classic BallooonRain where the object of the game is to empty the entire arena in order to move to the next level. Survivor mode lets you play and endless game. There are 120 different levels to play in a stunning 3D playing arena.