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Little Fighter II 2.0a

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Little fighter II is the ideal game for all those nostalgic people who used to love spending hours playing on video games consoles, because this successful title is a compilation of the greatest games in history, such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, etc.

Its long and entertaining levels full of surprises will offer you different game modes, either playing against yourself, tournaments or just simply the history mode.

With simple, but extremely fun graphics full of colour, Little Fighter is the ideal option for having a good time, and with its multiplayer mode you can compete and play with other people through a local network, the Internet or on your computer.

Necessary Requirements for the functioning of the Software:

- Processor: 300 MHz.

- Memory: 32 MB RAM memory.

- Video card with DirectX 6.0. support.

- Colour depth: 16 bits.

Latest Modifications:

- Greater movements.

- Four new characters.

- New settings.