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Magic, The Gathering Online Trial 3.0

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What do you like most about this program?
  • Magic, knowlege about Elements and energies, new information about ancient sorcery, healing, anainterrupts, magical defences, survive in death situations.

  • everything it has to offer plus all the wonderful and creative things you casn do and experiance truly lerave you at a loss for words i love it

Magic, The Gathering Online Trial is one of the most impressive and catchy card games ever invented.

The game consists of three game methods which are strategy, collecting and competition which increase the fun of playing.

With Magic, the Gathering you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a game of cards on the Internet at no extra cost.

Playability is still the same, and you’ll have to get packs and envelopes in order to form your own pack of cards and participate in tournaments and official events.

Necessary Requirements for the functioning of the Software:

- Processor: 333 MHz.

- Memory: 64 MB.

- DirectX 3.0 or superior.

Test Version Limitations:

- Name and packs of cards predetermined by the game, without the possibility of changing or creating them.