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3D Live Snooker 2.65

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Train Well With Live Snooker To Become The World’s Billiard Master

By Kyle Daniels

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

Me and my brother really bonds a lot every weekend since it’s the only time that we are free from all our works in the office. We sometimes go outside for bar hopping but when laziness strikes, we only stay home and play video games. Most of the time, we play car racing games and we feel like being stuck to that kind of game so we tend to look for another one. Luckily there is this game where we could enhance our skills in billiards and at the same time be entertained as well!

We only play actual billiards when we are at our cousin’s house since they have billiards being set up on their garage. With 3D Live Snooker, my brother and I don’t already need to drive going to our cousin’s place because with this game, we can already enjoy playing billiards. What I love about this game is that it is really good for practicing. This gives first timers the chance to get familiar on how to properly shoot the balls onto the holes. The game is just so realistic that you can even see how the ball really rotates and how it really moves when being hit. What I also enjoy about this game is that there are these necessary information needed on the screen for the players to be guided in playing the game. Gamers can also play with one or more competitors with the multi-player mode.

This game really works well for me and for my brother. We enjoy it a lot.


  • Realistic movements of the balls
  • Gamers can select multi-player mode
  • Feels like your in real snooker table


  • Few of the features are still blocked



3D Live Snooker is a video game that perfectly simulates the entertaining game of billiards.

Whether you enjoy a game of billiards with your friends and want to be able to practice on your computer or you are just interested in joining the game for a good time, you should not pass up the opportunity to play 3D Live Snooker.

Some of the notable characteristics of 3D Live Snooker include:

- Complete simulation of the dynamics of ball movement to introduce high realism in each session.

- Graphics in 3D to simulate the perfect setting of the table and the position of the player.

- Indicators on the screen that provide current game information.

- Support for multiple players.

With 3D Live Snooker we can take advantage of an excellent game in our free time.

Limitations of the trial version:

- Some features are blocked.