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GNU Chess 6.1.1

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What do you like most about this program?
  • everything from the user interface to the simple manner in which it titillates your brain and mutillates your thinking processes. this thing is turning me into a genious

  • nothing much but just light and stong play it has. do not like something that's gona use my resources and eat up processor time. bigups to the team

  • Well written programming, lovely colours, the fact that I have to keep writing stuff is pretty silly when I've run out of stuff to say, but there you go.

GNU Chess is a simple but powerful chess game with a 2D design.

GNU Chess’s interface and graphics are simple and emulate a classic chessboard.

While GNU Chess’s graphics may not be incredible, this is balanced by the power of its internal game logic engine.

With GNU Chess you’ll have fun playing interesting games against the computer or against another person. It has different difficulty levels and lets you configure different conditions that you can apply to each game.

GNU Chess’s outstanding features include:

- 2D setting;

- Possibility of configuring the movement times, colours of the pieces and difficulty level;

- Powerful game logic engine.

If you enjoy chess games and are looking for a good opponent, then you’ll love GNU Chess.