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Babylon-Pro 10.0.2

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Babylon-Pro is a powerful translator which supports various languages and is characterised by its performance simplicity and its high integration level.

The most important characteristic of Babylon-Pro is its excellent integration level. If you simply click on any word or phrase located in the Web browser, the mail client, office programmes, text documents or the like, Babylon-Pro immediately indexes and publishes excellent translations coming from the ever-increasing programme database.

Babylon-Pro offers translation possibilities in 75 languages, with results obtained from more than 1,300 dictionaries.

Babylon-Pro allows the translation of a complete text from and into 17 different languages with a simple click, without the need for copying and pasting the content. Everything is done automatically in order to increase productivity.

No programme is capable of translating a document in a 100% correct way, as no human could do that either. However, Babylon-Pro adds advanced translation features that perform the process in the best possible way. If any part in the text is incoherent, Babylon-Pro helps by improving your translation and indicating different alternatives and filters.

Babylon-Pro includes a powerful spell checker in 15 different languages. Mistakes are instantly and automatically checked, while you write e-mails, blogs, forums, etc.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

The trial version expires in 30 days.


For what are you going to use the program?
  • translateI enter here for exchange language from different place of world i am an a respectful person i wont tell nothing rud nor offensive.

What similar programs have you used?
  • none other translators found babylon by first time search for a translator i cant tell you anything else why do i have to write this much i dont have a long asnwe

  • babylon 8 english advanced dictionary online and text translator by more than 75 official languages from the top countries all around the wo

  • i have used translationg programs such as prompt. and i am going to try the babyloon-pro 10.0.2 for my further working process which can be helpfull.

What do you like most about this program?
  • What I like most about this programme is that it is free and it helps me with my professional translations. Also, it is available in different languages.

  • translation looks to be good, but i would need to download first in order to know if that is the application I am looking for. Lets see and...


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