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Bubble Shooter Deluxe 1.6

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Relaxing and killing boredom in a more colorful way by playing Bubble Shoote

By Kim Kiruma

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015

There is no better way to kill boredom than enjoying a catchy game. Bubble shooter deluxe 1.6 is the solution to occupying your free time and also helps you to avoid making mistakes that can be brought about by being idle. This game is suitable for all family players and has one difficulty level for the ones who really want to experiment on their game expertise. The game is very colorful and also very easy to play. The player has very to group balls of the same color, this makes the balls to be eliminated on the screen. By doing so and in a timely way the level will be cleared. The more levels you clear the more difficult the levels will take you. The main catch is making sure that the balls do not touch your base before they are eliminated as to when they do that you end up losing the game. The game is free for download and easily compatible with many android phones


  • The game has very catchy colours and interface.
  • The game is easy to play


  • The game is based on a test version and has a 15 days expiry date




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for enjoing the spare time when i am in the sailing time also because i discover this wonderful game and is very captivant i will try to make my best

Bubble Shooter Deluxe is a fascinating and addictive puzzle game that has incredible colours and is easy to play, making it the ideal option for all those hours of boredom sitting in front of the computer.

The game’s objective is to group balls of the same colour together and have them eliminated this way.

Once you’ve eliminated all the balls on the screen, you will have completed a level, but be careful because levels will become more and more difficult as they are completed.

You will lose the game when the little balls go down and reach your base, so your marksmanship and your capacity to group colours together are essential if you want to perform well at Bubble Shooter Deluxe.

So, don’t hesitate in downloading this game for we guarantee you many long hours of fun.

Test Version Limitations:

- Only one level of difficulty.

- Expires after 15 days.