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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for study purpose ,i have to see some internal how it is working inside the .class file that is why i want to download this application software

  • Learn some java based tools that are not open source but have complex implementations and do not work in certain cases and need to be debugged.

What do you like most about this program?
  • dont know want to try first thne only i can you what is most impressive in it. as well as i can send this detail to other people aalso so that they candownload

DJ Java Decompiler is a decompiler of Java generated applications, allowing users to securely obtain the source code of an application developed in JAVA with a few clicks.

With DJ Java Decompiler it is possible to obtain the source code of applications starting from CLASS binary files in a quick and simple way.

DJ Java Decompiler works perfectly as a Java editor, and also automatically colours the syntax for better code management, and to increase the user’s understanding.

DJ Java Decompiler is an independent application, and is not based in Java, so it can be used even if it is not installed in the system: Java or Java Virtual Machine.

DJ Java Decompiler presents a detailed list of methods, constants, interface and attributes of the decompiled programmes, it quite simply is a fundamental programme for Java application developers.