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World War II: Pacific Heroes

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Heroes of World War II offers a successful blend of strategy and action.

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Soldiers, but is primarily a strategy game offers action amounts, at moments, what place the boundary between one genre to another. As a strategy title follows the guidelines of secrecy that marked Commandos, that is, puts us in front of a small group of soldiers acting under stealth. But if we should keep commands in the shadows at all times, leaving no trace of our passage, Soldiers things change, and how.

In this we are like the horse of Attila. Wherever we go there will be traces, deep and smoky, our visit. And it is that the moments of action that arises, it does so without palliatives. The stealth kills are possible if we come from behind to hit an enemy, but that enemy must be just, since those around them would notice immediately, and that happens rarely.

The use of objects is quite varied. We meet the mandatory use of weapons (pistols, machine guns, rifles, bazookas, grenades of various types, etc.), but there are also other travelers that will help us, such as mine detectors, matches to ignite, toolboxes to repair tanks, etc.

Precisely armored vehicles Soldiers will participate in the capital. They are a whole grain gameplay, because not only have to be aware of their integrity, but also maintenance and must repair and supply them with fuel, which, in turn, forces us to look for what, and that means subtracting in the most appropriate way to find the enemy's resources.


  • The exemplary blend of action and strategy.
  • Freedom of action and endless strategic possibilities as well as the hugely varied repertoire of weapons, vehicles and gadgets that we can use


  • Abuses the dynamic trial and error, compounded by high load times problem.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for my personanl relaxation and to better learn about ww2 and what took place there now it seems to me that we quite quite a pounding at first

  • personal entertaiment, enjoy world war 2 airplanes, like to use filght simulators in combat scenarios, it has been a long time since I tried it last

  • to evaluate the game before downloading and checking it out as i like flying games, particularly when they are less comprehensive in their nature

  • Playing A world war two airplane game, and shooting down all the stupid people who are attacking us. Also I love to play with airplanes so yeah, airplanes.

  • for personal entertainment and relaxatin i really enjoy the ww2 planes and would like to someday fly in one as i work with various air shows in my city

What similar programs have you used?
  • I love this sort of game, especially pacific war dogfights between american forces and japanese aircraft including the famed Mitsubishi Zero!.

WorldWar II: Pacific Heroes is a fascinating combat game set in the Pacific battle of World War II, where you’ll have to carry out air-air attack missions on board your p-51 Mustang (a real symbol of World War II), or ground-air missions, operating a powerful anti-air cannon.

With very realistic imposing scenery and with great quality 3D graphics, this is the ideal option for combining fun, action and adrenaline.

Confront the powerful Japanese Zero planes, bring down as many as you can and prove that you are the best when it comes to fighting.

Necessary Requirements for the functioning of the Software:

- Pentium III 600 MHz

-128MB RAM

-3D 32MB Accelerator

Test Version Limitations:

- 60 minutes for testing.