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AC3 DTS codec 2.6.0b

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will use program for playing films at home because new KM player does not support audio codecs well as it shoud be. So i want to download this.

  • personal use on my laptop pc so I can watch digital downloads that are encoded with audio codecs not supported by my current installed media player

  • A.i am going to use it as a program to watch video files that need this sort of audio codec. unfortunately my previous player does not support

  • For my own needs only. KMP is not support dolby without external codec. I hope yours apps can help me. Thanks in advance and good luck. With regard, Alex

  • 'm using it for kmplayer without it i can't hear audios because everytime when i open that video it asks this type of audio does not support

What similar programs have you used?
  • never used this type of software before need 2 know how it works .If it is useful i will keep it and download more softwares from your site .hoping the best thank you

  • KMPlayer home view use. I really dont know what you want to know. I am just filling the space here. my kmp version does not support

  • I am using kmplayer but it is not supporting ac3 audio codec so i need this external audio codec to run the video files in k m player thanks

  • AC3 DTS codec 2.6.0bacdfrhjkunWhat similar programs have you used?i suddenly can not believed it would take so many words i can not stand it

  • none already is my first one of this kind. Just typing because i need to type alot so... nothing more Merry Xmas everyone and a happy new year

What do you like most about this program?
  • Newest verison of kmp was poorly designed to gouge pockets. I need to purchace the codec to get audio in movies? No thanks, a quick search and my popcorns in.

  • Is free and help me for the external codec in KMP. Thank you very mucho, go ahead, don't worry, be happy. and God bless you, Merry Christmas

  • Everything is so good!! How can I fill hundreds characters :( Dont know what im doing right now just typing and typing thanks god there only 1 left

  • lestining music and watching game of thrones and high quality of oprn videos and please let me download this file because I have nothing to say

  • supports audio file for kmplayer. thanks for this free patch. hope it works alright for me. wish you guys all the best in your future patches

AC3 DTS codec is a tool designed to install a series of audio encoders, decoders and filters, specialised in AC3/DTS onto your computer.

When you play multimedia files, you often encounter files with poor audio quality but which work properly on other computers. This is a typical case of lack of audio codecs; i.e., your present encoders do not understand the file audio format and try everything possible in order to play it, but with a resulting poor quality.

Some of the Features which enhance AC3 DTS codec are:

-Special support for files working with AC3 and DTS audio tracks.

- .AC3 and DTS files player.

- Support for the configuration of different aspects of AC3 and DTS formats.

- Support for working with surrounding sound.

AC3 DTS codec is a great option for reinforce your audio codecs set.