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AC3 DTS codec 2.6.0b

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Becouse my KMP player does not includs this codec, and I want to enjoy films in DTS with the sounds. I think I just gave th proper answer for the question.

  • for kmplayer ac3 and dts codecs are missing and i cant look films or movies without audio cant understand anything hop this can help me an ill thank

  • for improvemen my kmplayer application and it will be better than before beacauz it no longer play sound of some important movies in my laptop

  • A.i will use program for playing films at home because new KM player does not support audio codecs well as it shoud be. So i want to download this.

  • I am using it for kmplayer without it i can't hear audios because everytime when i open that video it asks this type of audio does not support

What similar programs have you used?
  • none I don't think I can answer this question because I did not have any previous experience using codec in my life. it is a difficult question

  • KMPlayer home view use. I really dont know what you want to know. I am just filling the space here. my kmp version does not support

  • had some problem with my km player. so search for a solution. found out this program would help me.I am going to use that because i need it.

  • i have used programs like adobe photoshop to costumize cars and fix errors in designs and manufacture car parts .B.building elevations home design plans bridges tanks mashing doors windows ventilators rooms parking pleases water plonts canals raill way tracks

  • .I had some problem with my km player. so search for a solution. found out this program would help me.I am going to use that because i need it

What do you like most about this program?
  • lestining music and watching game of thrones and high quality of oprn videos and please let me download this file because I have nothing to say

  • because i want to download and use it since ssummer has gone to past the innocent can never last wake me up when september ends like my father come

  • update my player to paly mkv file ,no sound when i play,i get this proguram on internet so i just try if it works ,thanks for your contributions

  • Quality audio & video. It's a extension of installation the existing kmp player. I like to download & install. Let me do that so enjoy the movies.

  • KMPlayer compatibility is what I like the most. Also, its free availability here. I will recommend it on the worldwide web, after properly installing it.

AC3 DTS codec is a tool designed to install a series of audio encoders, decoders and filters, specialised in AC3/DTS onto your computer.

When you play multimedia files, you often encounter files with poor audio quality but which work properly on other computers. This is a typical case of lack of audio codecs; i.e., your present encoders do not understand the file audio format and try everything possible in order to play it, but with a resulting poor quality.

Some of the Features which enhance AC3 DTS codec are:

-Special support for files working with AC3 and DTS audio tracks.

- .AC3 and DTS files player.

- Support for the configuration of different aspects of AC3 and DTS formats.

- Support for working with surrounding sound.

AC3 DTS codec is a great option for reinforce your audio codecs set.