DarkBasic 1.21 screenshot

DarkBasic 1.21

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DarkBasic is a visual programming language for designing video games with all the graphic power of DirectX.

With the programming ease associated with the Basic language, you can create your own games, demos and slide presentations.

If you don’t know programming languages, DarkBasic gives you tutorials to enter this fantastic world where the only limit is your imagination.

DarkBasic’s outstanding features include:

- AVI animation control;

- Full screen view mode;

- MIDI/MP3 music control;

- More than 45 demos to see the design features;

- More than 25 tutorials to help you;

- More than 600 textures and 120 sound effects to apply;

- 900 3D models to begin your designs;

If you want to enter the fascinating virtual world and set your own rules, you can start with DarkBasic.

Trial version limitations:

- Some of the design tools are blocked.


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