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Microsoft Math 4.0

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Microsoft Math is a tool designed to cooperate with the development of mathematical formulae and function graphics.

The world of mathematical calculations is huge and, in order to take the first steps, it is necessary to have not only the support of the professors but also the tools which offer didactic methodologies for learning.

This is the case with Microsoft Math, because it has tools to aid work in Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematical Calculus. Each of these areas can be approached from a basic level up to a very advanced level.

Some of the Features which enhance Microsoft Math are: the edition of 2 and 3 dimensional graphics, starting from the structure of the function you wan to study, tools to treat equations at different levels, a numerical constants conversion tool and a wide formulae and equations consultation library.

With Microsoft Math you have an excellent tool for school help.

Limitations of the Trial Version:

- Operative for 30 days.