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Google Toolbar - Internet Explorer 6.6.916.106

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Google Toolbar - Internet Explorer offers a new set of tools that are highly compatible with Internet Explorer web browser. In this way, you will be able to perform a large number of tasks by using the different tools it provides. Some of the most outstanding tools are the search, translating, pop-up blocker, related-content websites and spelling revision tools, just to mention some of them.

Moreover, Google Toolbar - Internet Explorer obviously supports all the Google such as Google Earth, Google News, Google Maps, among many others.

Google Toolbar - Internet Explorer also allows you to freely customize your Google Toolbar according to your web browsing needs. Thus, this impressive tool really enhances your web browsing experience.

If you normally use Internet Explorer as your main web browser Google Toolbar - Internet Explorer, is ideal for you. This comprehensive and efficient software will really optimize your navigation. Check it out yourself. Download it right now.