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What similar programs have you used?
  • i have been using autocad, sketchup,3dmax,solidworks and other similar softwares and in future i want to try minos for my future use thank you

Minos Album Free Version is an application that will help you import and organize your pictures in a virtual photo album. The features of the virtual album are the same as any physical album. That is, you should be able to browse and flip through photos as you wish.

It is very simple to add and remove photos with Minos Album Free Version. This process as well as the editing of the album takes place in the application’s interface. Background colors and music can be customized and added to the album. Thus, your friends and family will not be bored while watching your album.

Finally, the display effect of the photos is amazing. It is undeniable that Minos Album Free Version is a good help in the area of photo album creation.