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CCleaner Portable 5.09.5343

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CCleaner Portable is the portable version of the excellent cleaning tool for Windows systems, CCleaner. It includes the same features as the original application, and since it is a portable version, it can be carried on an USB stick or any other storage device to be used on different equipment without installation.

You can segment the application operation into 4 big blocks, which basically match the options offered by the programme. First, you have the cleaning tool, which lets you analyse the whole system and the programmes installed to search unnecessary files or configurations which could invade the user’s privacy. Once located, you simply have to run the cleaner to remove them permanently.

Another tool that made this programme popular lets you identify all the problems in the Windows registry. The registry is one of the main factors which determine the speed and stability of the system, so it is always advisable to keep it in a perfect condition.

CCleaner Portable analyses Windows registry automatically. It presents in a tabular form all the identified problems and allows their removal. Since it is a critical component you can create back-up copies to restore data in case of problems.

The latest features you can find in this application let you remove programmes efficiently and manage applications started jointly with Windows, tools which will be of great help to ensure proper operation of the system.

We should point out that CCleaner Portable can be completely configured, the cookies and other components make tasks very easy, so you can keep the necessary ones and remove those which only take up space in the drive and compromise privacy.

Latest introductions:

- It improves cleaning of the Index.dat file on Windows Vista.

- Corrected different problems with Internet Explorer.

- Minor changes to the interface.