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TeamSpeak Server 3.0.8

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TeamSpeak Server is an application for communicating with a microphone over the Internet in real time.

TeamSpeak Server acts like a ‘host,’ letting many clients connect to converse with thousands and thousands of users around the world.

TeamSpeak Server uses just a few of your system’s resource and gives you great audio quality, making TeamSpeak Server the best solution for your VoIP type communication needs.

TeamSpeak Server can be used to communicate in online games, by small or medium-sized businesses (minimising communication costs) or just to talk to friends and family who are away.

TeamSpeak Server is easy to use and has a management panel you can use to manage privileges and create new servers, among other features.

TeamSpeak Server works with databases and uses SQLite natively. However, it can be reconfigured easily to work with MySQL and you can construct new commands to customise and integrate the program in almost unlimited ways.

TeamSpeak Server doesn’t have any major requirement and uses a minimum bandwidth. It hardly affects other applications running at the same time.

Latest modifications:

Security updates include many updates to repair recently discovered vulnerabilities.