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Collaborative software from Microsoft Office perfect for offline collaborative development

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

There are many collaboration software application available in the market today, but many of them rely on online connections. However, there’s one software that lets users work together even in offline mode. That software is Microsoft Office Groove.

I’ve got this software installed on my ASUS laptop and I must admit it does have its advantages and disadvantages. Microsoft Office Groove is perfect for teams working on projects and operations that have members going online and offline, for whatever reasons. For example, when I’m working on Microsoft Office Groove on my laptop in offline mode, all data and information I enter is saved on my system. Once I do go online however, and I connect with my team members working on Groove, all data syncs up and everyone is updated on what everyone else has been working on. Sounds like a relatively good collaboration tool. There are just two disadvantages to Groove. One is the software is not good for projects where members need instantaneous, real-time collaboration. Most of the software’s features are geared towards the development of projects where most of the work can be done offline – such as documentation for software development or websites. Another disadvantage is that the software has already been discontinued by Microsoft Office, and has already been replaced by OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Office Groove can still be used for many projects where online presence of team members is not a requirement. For this reason alone, I highly recommend this useful application.


  • Perfect for offline development and online collaboration
  • Software is easy to use and applies various modules
  • Has a selection of collaboration tools


  • Software has already been discontinued, so support and updates may be an issue
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To organize music and playlists on my iphone since I could not a satisfying tool elsewhere. I tried various other options both free and paid

  • just for sharing the documents between clients and for educational purpose only it takes time to share the files in offline so we use this to

  • for team to share files and easily collaborate the work to improve efficiency and save time. Have worked on this platform earlier as well so

  • for manager communication within the company, we can share points together, edit documents with recorded, and because this is free to use. tqvm.

  • share document with all friend online or offline with different location on my country, and make a job planning with calender tool in this application

What similar programs have you used?
  • microsoft offices(excel. word. access)for making document work sheet letters school papers result cord and other detail we have use in our life

What do you like most about this program?
  • the way it function is quite different and owesome, i will always prefer to use this program for the best handling of my staffs ,i appreciate the founder

Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is an application that is appropriate for team collaboration. Teams can have meetings virtually as long as each party has the application installed. The collaboration software lets users see each other’s virtual location which eases the sharing of ideas and virtual communication among others.

The workspace included in Microsoft Office Groove 2007is where the majority of the actions take place. Indeed, this is where the bulk of the meetings and collaboration are held. From the workspace, you have the ability to invite members and coworkers and decide the level of accessibility for each member of the workspace.

Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is a great time saver for businesses and regular users as it removes the need to configure the workspace at every connection. Its benefits and many features are nicely incorporated in the overall design of the application which is quite an asset for users.