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Microsoft Office Small Business 2007

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • restore crashed computer with an office 2007 SBS license. I have a license but i can't find the media anymore, thanks for your download site

  • I have a user who has a legitimate registration key for this product, but Microsoft no longer provides a download link for the ISO. LOL DONGS KAY

  • reinstall Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 after a hdd failure. key was recovered but lost installation media. cannot find installer in microsofts site.

  • personal use for basic computing much easier to use than any of the newer versions. Dislike the current 365 and it is over the top in its features

  • small business, health related activities, wordprocessing, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, outlook for email and diary organisations

What similar programs have you used?
  • My installer cd is damaged and I have to re-install office. I was unable to obtain a copy of the sw anywhere else. I hope I can download it here.

  • I have not tried to download any other version of microsoft office for small business 2007 up until this present situation that I'm unable to access my porgrams

  • microsoft office and lotus have been used for speadsheet cereation and used in tracking financial data no other programs used by me before or probably after

  • i have used office microsoft businesa small version 2007 and i want to download it now. Download link does not work for some reason. Free so

  • MS Office Small business 2007 some program has wipped out the original install hope to restart with this download and my original key code..n

What do you like most about this program?
  • everything they havto offer. I can simply apply my business needs without any worry or time waisting. I am looking forward to using it more .

  • Microsoft word is the best word processor around and this is a free download so I am using it to try out small business 2007 office, that ok

  • Simple to use - less clutter. Later versions of Office bring in unnecessary complications. Many of my clients have used 2010-2016 etc and feel that 2007 was easier to use

  • Produce word documents and excel spreadsheets to keeep track of influx of money offfered my kind hearted people for trip to Guyana in July 24

  • We like Microsoft Office Small Business very must. This program is so nice to have and work with. We will ilke to have it on ouer new computer.

Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 is a set of tools aimed at the information administration and productivity optimization, essential for a small or medium enterprise tasks.

Initially you may not notice much difference between this product and other similar from Microsoft, but exploring it in detail, you can see the power behind the Office "standard" appearance.

Among other improvements that Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 introduces you can see some of the basic Office tools: a bar for unfinished tasks in Outlook, more templates, professional design in Excel and Word and the inclusion of Microsoft Publisher to create a pack marketing oriented.

Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 offers an outstanding choice: you can sync the information from Outlook (contacts, appointments and tasks) between your computer and your mobile device (as long as it supports) and always have it with you.

Trial Version Limitations:

-You will be able to use it only for 60 days.