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RMClock 2.35

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I need to disable one of two speedstep parts - c1e the rmclock allowes me to do it without bios and that is why I need this program thank you

  • to try and prevent my computer from overheating because whenever i convert videos, it keeps on shutting down and i think it has to do with o

  • home laptop cooling it is getting hot soon , i want to reduce performance and cool the laptop by increasing fan speed..i hope i can do that wit

  • To cool my CPU cores, because they are getting dangerously hot, and I would prefer not to install additional fans, or water cooling, due to expenses.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Well jus tgoing to type ina bunch of studfff until this thing lets me actually downlod and try the software. I mean how can i really say anything about it until I have tried it.

  • Never used any program like this and I Hope this program will be helping me cooling my laptop computer which is getting very hot after some time

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like using this program so I could undervolt or should I say underclock CPU and this is ridiculous just to download...FYI. I mean seriously

  • I havent used it yet, so i cant really say. This program i have heard about from freiends other. English mine not good. Lol just kidding, my english is awesome for your information.

The CPU is one of the major components of your computer system. In order to have control over your CPU, RMClock is the tool to have. Indeed, everything from the processor speed to the voltage level can be handled as long as you have RMClock.

RMClock has many other usage such as obtaining information on the number of registers your CPU uses. If you need to know and change the temperature level of the CPU, the application has the tool to help you. No matter what the type and number of processors you system has, RMClock is able to help you carry out your tasks.

Finally, a report with important information concerning your CPU’s functioning can be displayed. This report could be where you could detect errors in your computer. In short, RMClock is a very advanced application that ultimately puts you in charge of your CPU.