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Windows Password Cracker 3.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • admin password breaking as i was given dell pc by a forgetfool wallybean n its driving me mental this is last try wot u want a book ffs lol etc

  • I am going to us the program to complete my university assignment where I am required to break passwords stored in a certain format then write about that.

  • for buisness because iam doing a buisness of steel and some time many probleums comes about window thats why i wants to download this software i think you agreed please

  • I would like to try it because I've forgotten the key of this and my computer works properly under its present condition. I use Windows 10 since some weeks ago.

  • cracking passwords of computers because i usually forget interms of opening them so ineed this software to help me open computers without any limit

What similar programs have you used?
  • none ive never used any of your programs and dont no if it works but if it does i will write a good reveiw so please let me download your program thanks

  • no i have not used any similar program like this because i don't need to do so and please never ask this type of questions to any other person

  • windows password rescuer microsoft office 2010 winrar video media player abode reader google talk skype teracopy antivirus window vista window xp

  • i did not use any kind of pass word cracker please extend your helping hand tom let me down load before this one and I would say this is my first time to use it for my lap top

  • till now i did not used any such kind of password breaking programs or softwares. so i want to downlode this windows passward cracker 3.1 in

What do you like most about this program?
  • This enables me to recover machines faster and also take over jobs of previous administrators without much hassel. People are able to resume wor

  • the ease of access it provides in regard of any trouble we have with respect to our i like this the most and use it for my support always

  • the file can hack forgotten windows passwords without resetting all the time and the name of the application is cool so it sounds satisfying

  • B.forgotten password from my user in an old pc that i havent used in a while . this is pretty annoying to fill because of the many characters . cheers

  • easy to use and easier to download . it is a helpful tool for those who easily forgot their password using all version of windows 7 operating system.

Windows Password Cracker is a small application for the fast recovery of the passwords of the different accounts of the Windows Operating systme.

The program accurately extracts the passwords and the user’s names. This is possible because it uses two powerful methods to obtain them: brute force attack and the dictionary recovery method which involves deduction with reference dictionaries.

Though the operation of Windows Password Cracker mainly depends on the power of the computer, its work engines are very fast, consequently the search is performed with an amazing speed.

However, according to the length and the complexity of certain passwords, the process can take a longer time. That is why, the “Pause” function which allows interrupting the procedure and to resume it later, is incorporated.

Windows Password Cracker is a very useful tool which will avoid many headaches to the users.

Limitations of the Demo Version:

- Some features are restricted.