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Get ready your weapons, design your strategies and be prepared for the huge action and adrenaline doses which AssaultCube has in store for you. This excellent videogame in first person will put your skills to fulfill certain missions without dying while doing it, to the test.

In AssaultCube you must enter inexpugnable enemy fortresses as silently as possible to avoid being captured. Once inside, you must resort to your intelligence and your armament to fulfill the mission entrusted to you.

You have different playing modalities, each of which represents an important challenge. You can embark in an attempt to take the enemy flag or in a lethal match in which the winner is the last surviving player.

Besides, you have the chance of connecting with other people via internet to combat against them or to constitute a team.

AssaultCube has incredible graphics and sound effects which will take you to the center of the action, so do not miss the opportunity of acquiring this amazing entertainment which will ensure you hours of amusement.