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iTunes Agent 1.5.1

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iTunes Agent is a programme that allows for synchronising Apple’s fantastic multimedia player, iTunes, with any portable MP3 player, independently of if it is an iPod or not.

iTunes is a very powerful and flexible music file player and organiser , works perfectly and has numerous characteristics that make it one of the best programmes of its kind. However iTunes is designed for working with iPod devices, because of that it cannot synchronise by default with other portable devices.

iTunes Agent is a complement to the functionality of iTunes, allowing for easily synchronising playlists, and other aspects in any portable player, the programme functions in the background, when a removable device is connected to the computer the application presents the tasks to be performed automatically.

Main Features:

- iTunes playlist management

- Smart playlist support

- Ease of use

- Works with any portable player

Indispensable Requirements for Software Operation

- .Net Framework version 2.0