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Create a Chat Room, Fully Controll It And Design A Professional Chat Room

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chat anywhere is a server software which is web-based for chatting in browser. Don't hear about web-based then start panicking or loosing hope because you need no computer language experience to use this software, all you need is a computer and internet connection since browsers use internet connections. With chat anywhere you can design a professional web-based chat rooms and control it as you wish. By creating a chat room you now allow net users to visit it through their internet browsers, even if they have not installed it themselves.

A great feature about it is that you have the ability to remove abusive users from your chat room. Another feature is that you can set forbidden Ip's to block unwanted guests. For your chat room to suit all occasions you just need to customize its appearance and you do not need to instal a web-server since the browser is enough in its chat room. Chat anywhere has many features to make you want to have it. Some of its features are :- it can save log files for each chat room, you can open more chat rooms at once each with its own setting, ability to disable private chat, visitors visit your chat room freely without adding any client software, block unwelcome guests, these are few among the many.

You can can download and use it freely but this is only a 30 days freedom then you need to purchase the full version.

Chat anywhere is mostly recommended for business purpose since individually I do not see how you can use this software.


  • Able to block unwanted guests
  • You can kick-out abusive guests
  • User does not need to instal another software


  • Only free for 30 days
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Chat Anywhere is a Web-based chat server for real-time conversations. This program is easy to use and it’s a comprehensive solution designed for the average user. You don’t need advanced computer knowledge to use this software.

Chat Anywhere is a complete, functional and practical tool. It allows you to establish real time chat within a local network or an Internet connection.

This application works using local chat rooms, it also offers the possibility of creating new channels, save conversations in text files; restrict access to specific users, and much more.

Download Chat Anywhere right now and discover a new way to connect through the Network

Trial version Limitations:

- You can only use this software for 30 days.