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SQLyog v11.2.0-4

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will use sqlyog tool for designing and developing of mysql database. will also use it for drawing realationship diagrams in a graphical format

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT and database Administration that will be used to store website portal data about customers who subscribe to our portal online

  • work area and we need to download for our projects so that we can develop them on requirements basis and check with database without any further issues

  • I want to use with Linux, Apache, MySQl and PHP (LAMP). Develop some web application, i already used earlier and the experience is good enough

  • developing for search and rescue application and the others purpose cause it's very important fro my job, I think this software is very easy suited to my project

What similar programs have you used?
  • i do not know what to answer for this question. But i would like watch history related programs always that whenever i get a chance to watch television

  • I was using sqlyog old version which is Free but does not need any license. But when I download the same its asking me to get a licence after 30 days of usage

  • MySQL is probably the world's most popular open source database engine but it can be difficult to administrate using its text-based tools and configuration files. SQLyog provides a full graphical interface to make using MySQL's powerful features simple even for beginners.

  • i am using xamp for server side lanuage now i want to use mysql for database connectivity. its a good gui commponnent for connecting with data base in simple way

  • phpmyadmin i usually use for development and learning because now web debelopment is my passion and i am looking a bright career in this field

What do you like most about this program?
  • simplicity in working with the app and wonder why this is not free. it should be free. I would like to travel if you are coming come with me.

  • very easy to use and user friendly.so i am using this for my project,It was the best database software ever.i already used the previous version

  • easy coding because sqlyog is important to my course bachelor of science and information technology from nueva ecija universcity of sciences

  • everything!! its a great app and we can do anything. Thanks for this opportunity to work whit this tool. just try to make more usefull software

  • database management query execution refresh db query builders query analyser and other more things available in sql yog enterprise virsion download

SQLyog is an excellent graphical interface specially designed for users with MySQL type servers, offering completely personalized graphics, and unprecedented quality.

Advanced knowledge in these types of programs is not necessary in order to use SQLyog in an optimal manner. The program provides a primary interface that offers increased response capability, enabling you to maximize the features of this server.

SQLyog enables you to create database tables, export data in CSV, HTML, and XML formats, and optimize the performance of certain databases.

Plus, it should be noted that this wonderful and useful application is freeware, and easy to install.