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SQLyog v11.2.0-4

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Hi, I am going to use this prgram for the purpose of databse operations which are neccessary to handle all basic crud activities through different commands

  • for personal use only and to learn more on the functionalities, advantages of using sql yog. please allow me to use this, it would be of great help.

  • i am studying vb dot net using mysql query tab for learning the mysql function of database activities and create update delete for back end p

  • coding bro, what else do you think I would need it? Not drinking water or beer. I just want to write some stupid queries so let me download this.

  • personal use for learning purpose of query as well as improve my database skills.That's the reason behind this nothing else and I am biginer in mysql query building.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i do not know what to answer for this question. But i would like watch history related programs always that whenever i get a chance to watch television

  • sqlyog during my school web course work. This was done last semester in my final year of study with green wich university via cyber academy a

  • Phpmyadmin used last since 10 years and it is provide best graphical enviorment but i was also use sqlyog last 6 year .. so please send me last

  • i use Microsoft SQL as a similar program. I also used MySQL in Android Development for saving data which is coming from webservice in native database

  • sql yog used on window but now i need on linex system that's why i want to download this software i hope this work for us in case no please help me

What do you like most about this program?
  • very easy to use and user friendly.so i am using this for my project,It was the best database software ever.i already used the previous version

  • SQLyog is an excellent graphical interface specially designed for users with MySQL type servers, offering completely personalized graphics!!

  • It is a stable program for the management of the database and Allow me a better interaction with mysql The latest version is great no doubt.

  • speed is good as compare to phpmyadmin. gui is more easier to any other competative program. best gui data base interface for php programmer

  • simple and easy for use not bad and the best software for windows operating system will be working with this sosftwarein my computer everyday

SQLyog is an excellent graphical interface specially designed for users with MySQL type servers, offering completely personalized graphics, and unprecedented quality.

Advanced knowledge in these types of programs is not necessary in order to use SQLyog in an optimal manner. The program provides a primary interface that offers increased response capability, enabling you to maximize the features of this server.

SQLyog enables you to create database tables, export data in CSV, HTML, and XML formats, and optimize the performance of certain databases.

Plus, it should be noted that this wonderful and useful application is freeware, and easy to install.