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SQLyog v11.2.0-4

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • use for database as store the value in table example as student data or different colleges. and i am install already sql yog older version bt i need to update my mysql. thank you

  • personal experiments and also for the students leaning program. in my academic i need this tool for programming purpose only not for any industrial work

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT and database Administration that will be used to store website portal data about customers who subscribe to our portal online

  • System development and database application for testing and implementation if it is approved. this will serve as a foundation of innovation for my skills

  • i am going to practise queries and want to learn new joins so that I can improve on mysql technology and enhance my skill for my betterment.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have not yet used any program before. I intend to see if sqlyog v11.2.0-4 can assist me manage my actions to the mysql database. a friend just told me its good

  • Sqlyog ultimate a GUI sql manager is has combined features of mysql workbrench , php myadmin and many more tools its first version was developed in 2001 this tools is really helpful for web developers as I am also us

  • mysql work bench for creating databases and managing database tables, columns rows relations normalization deleting updating and scripting and more tasks

  • Phpmyadmin used last since 10 years and it is provide best graphical enviorment but i was also use sqlyog last 6 year .. so please send me last

  • sqlyog during my school web course work. This was done last semester in my final year of study with green wich university via cyber academy a

What do you like most about this program?
  • very easy to use and user friendly.so i am using this for my project,It was the best database software ever.i already used the previous version

  • everything!! its a great app and we can do anything. Thanks for this opportunity to work whit this tool. just try to make more usefull software

  • database management query execution refresh db query builders query analyser and other more things available in sql yog enterprise virsion download

  • its great , very easy to use i really enjoy working with it. I have been using sqlyog since three years . My good firend told me about this software.

  • It is Good and Fast as compare to others with wide range of features which usually needed during the testing of queries and there response time.

SQLyog is an excellent graphical interface specially designed for users with MySQL type servers, offering completely personalized graphics, and unprecedented quality.

Advanced knowledge in these types of programs is not necessary in order to use SQLyog in an optimal manner. The program provides a primary interface that offers increased response capability, enabling you to maximize the features of this server.

SQLyog enables you to create database tables, export data in CSV, HTML, and XML formats, and optimize the performance of certain databases.

Plus, it should be noted that this wonderful and useful application is freeware, and easy to install.