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GigaGet 1.0

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GigaGet is a download manager and accelerator for Windows with a good number of the functionalities available in this kind of programmes and some new and innovative ones.

GigaGet accelerates downloads significantly, achieving optimisations between 150 and 200%, it also is a programme completely free of spies and advertisements, a really relevant feature in programmes of this kind.

GigaGet is an easy to use programme, integrates perfectly into the most used Web browsers of today, such as: FireFox and Internet Explorer among others.

Main Features:

- Simple and powerful, meant for beginning and advanced users

- Encrypted data transfer

- Functions as a powerful as manager, and download organiser

- Achieves excellent download speeds

- Allows for importing and exporting download lists

- Supports a big number of protocols, including MMS/RTSP/Flash


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