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Microsoft Excel Viewer 2008

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to us excel programme becaus e it makes my work easy since i am working in construction adminstation as a quantity surveying so i lik

  • I am going to use it for collegiate homework in addition to work for a small business. I will also teach my son how the excel programe works

  • Enter clients information each month so they can keep a track of their income and expenses. I did have an excel program but deleted it by mistake

  • I will use excel 08 for work. Specifically for online request. To enter all of the appointments into the correct catagory. this helps with showing how many request we actually get that are new

  • I am going to use it for collegiate homework in addition to work for a small business. I will also teach my son how the excel program works

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used also ago sum year but this time was formated by me from my computer of excells sheet. excell sheet is very necessery function for every persion

  • I already have been use microsoft excel 2013. but it is not good for my computer. so i would like to download 2008. Please let me put in it.

What do you like most about this program?
  • It helps me to read documents when they are sent from a computer where there are all the newest programs that I ar the moment can not afford to get

  • through this app i can prepare my assignment and presentation about my studies in this modern age every person use it to complete its tasked

  • getting to download something and is a easier way to finding a app really quickly because its hard to find this type of app somewhere else which is annoying

  • ITS a helping software to business and this contains lot of world it technologhy it has been very useful to all the people and wrestling entertainment wwe JOHN CENA

  • free download and easy and also satisfying. I would like to rate this website five star. i hope you guys have more optional like about knowlegde

Microsoft Excel Viewer is the ideal alternative for everyone who wants to visualize contents created in the platform of Microsoft Excel and do not have the program of the MS Office suite installed.

This simple tool turns out to be extensively useful at the time of opening spreadsheet files, charts and statistics. This type of document is very widely used, so a utility such as Microsoft Excel Viewer is essential to be able to use it.

The program is provided with several options for the adjustment of the visualization. Among them it is necessary to emphasize the preview and the "zoom" of specific parts of interest. Also, there is an effective searcher that allows you to locate quickly any name, phrase or value inside the document

Microsoft Excel Vieweroffers a printing function, so that you can have the content in paper when you need so. All of this makes this software an essential download for those who have not the popular application of Microsoft.