Arcade! Classic Arcade Pack 3.7.0 screenshot

Arcade! Classic Arcade Pack 3.7.0

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Arcade! Classic Arcade Pack is a novel and fun free licence application that consists of six of the most entertaining arcade genre games ever invented in the history of video games.

Do you remember your old gaming consoles where you used to spend hours and hours playing titles such as Asteroids or Pac-Man? If your answer is yes, then this combo is exactly what you need.

Arcade! Classic Arcade Pack is composed of titles such as Snake, Pong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Tetris and Space Invaders, which makes this a very useful programme if you are a console game aficionado or if you just wish to experience another type of entertainment with simple but incredibly addictive applications, we can also point out that all of the games are made up of their original sounds and graphics.


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