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SuperTux supertux-editor-0.3.0-mono-set

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • home gaming with brothers, aftermath school and play over homework and learn how to get skill in puzzles end more adventures games like this and make my own levels

SuperTux is a 2D platform game inspired in the mythical original Nintendo saga, Super Mario Bros. The most striking feature of this entertainment is, without a doubt, the game’s main character, Tux the penguin, an emblematic figure from the Linux systems.

SuperTux is a very amusing, simple and addictive game. It has excellent graphics and it doesn’t require a powerful computer to use it. Probably one of its main features is its engine which has been developed under GNU-GPL license; therefore, the advanced users having knowledge in programming will be able to adapt it to their tastes and requirements.

Super Tux is oriented to people of all ages and it has more than 20 levels to be enjoyed. As you advance through the game, the penguin goes through new maps with different enemies and more levels of difficulty. Don’t hesitate, download and enjoy this game now!