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The Sims 2 HomeCrafter Plus .

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Creating floors, walls, ground cover, etc. for The Sims 2. Nothing created with it will be sold or uploaded anywhere for any reason. Why is this too short?

  • I Am Going To Create Custom Floors and Walls For My Sims. I will probably upload its creations on MTS. I plan to start with making a yellow carpet set.

  • to creat walls & floos in my sims 2 houses custom walls with nice floors you can do just about any wall or floor make walls look like carpit

  • making new floors and wallpapers on the sims 2 so i can have beautiful houses with my own details on it that's what i'm going to do okey bye

  • I want to create new wallpaper for my sims' houses. I've seen such beautiful stuff made by people out there. I did this before, years ago, but I forget how.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I love the creative freedom. I'm happy ea understands us artists. I just wish cep was easier to use to recolor objects without installing so much stuff.

  • It enables me to make walls and floors for my sims 2 game. Having custom grilled cheese and flamingo items is what I want. thankyou for this

The Sims 2 HomeCrafter Plus is an application that lets you form part of the world of The Sims 2.

With The Sims 2 HomeCrafter Plus you can customise the style of the house where your characters from this famous video game live.

As you surely know, The Sims 2 is an outstanding game where each character has total freedom as if this world were truly real.

And here, like in real life, you may want to change how your house looks to show off for your friends.

With The Sims 2 HomeCrafter Plus you can design and decorate your house completely, changing the colour of the wall, the type of floor, the architectural style and much more.

This tool has a simple interface to let you work without any problems.