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Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for downloading itunes and diffrent games because installer is to old that it do not support dowunloadingsand i have heard so much about this an

  • Amma menthamizh tamil font interface install for my computer some error occorred then no install the software. so i need windows installer 4.5

  • For persona pc use. I waanted to instal ms sql server 2008 but it fails due to lower version of windows installer that is why i nedd it so that

  • epos system requires a windows installer 4.5 minimum to install open source satpoc epos tiling software for retail convenience store and shop

  • of course, for installing software and application that compatible for my computer, i need this because i cannot install microsoft .net faramework..

What similar programs have you used?
  • We basically working on several development programs like visual studio 2010, java for the sake of data collection selserver, oracle and mysql

  • I have used Microsoft Windows installer 3.1 on my previous machine because I was getting errors when trying to install new software that the installer is not valid

  • windows installer 3.5 for accessing other programs installations files in order for operating systems to function very well and execute the programs supported

What do you like most about this program?
  • Trying to download newer anti-virus software, spam eliminator software programs, and connection speed analyzers to see which internet service

  • very good and compatable for xp and some file is to be more attractive looks but google ignore you i dont know what happend not safe to browse the

  • this is for installation of soe in windows 7 for configuartion the windows intaller and powershell needs to install before installing sql software.

  • windows installer is part of windows os and now and again needs to be upgraded periodically incase some files accidently get deleted by mistake

  • it keeps my machine running, i erased my installer aby mistake and i have not been able to do anyting on my comp, i hope this will help me d

Microsoft Windows Installer is a tool that updates your Windows so that it integrates the MSI files, whose mission is to compress the programs so that they are automatically installed.

You will not need to give any order to executeMicrosoft Windows Installer. This is a program that stays in your operating system, because it is essential for the correct execution of the installation functions of all kinds of applications.

In fact, Microsoft Windows Installer is the tool that is executed whenever you want to install an application in your PC. This is due to the fact that most of the programs need this utility to be executed correctly.

This is an application that cannot be missing in your computer. Download it right now and forget about inconveniences when it comes to installing applications.